Specialised logistics processes

logistics, transport and warehouse management are one of the strengths of Wielkopolska, whereas the development of the logistics industry is based on favourable location of the region which increases its investment attractiveness. The Specialised logistics processes area concentrates on using the said potential for the development of specialised logistics services and products and of sustainable supply chains that improve the level of business customer service, and also of logistics processes that support regional mobility and, as a consequence, the quality of life of inhabitants of the region. The development of the area covers both the technical measures and the development of human resources and of organisation and management methods, in particular in the scope that supports the development of the other specialisations of the region towards increasing its value added in business and improving the quality of life of citizens. Within this area, inter alia the following will be developed:

a) specialist logistics solutions for the needs of SMEs and multi-channel commerce (including e-commerce)

  • specialised supply chains (including tracing, management and consolidation of cargo as well as electronisation of supply chains)
  • logistics outsourcing based on the logistics potential of the region in the regional, domestic and international markets

b) services, technologies and products for logistics (including the technologies of formation and consolidation of cargo units)

  • innovative materials for transport and logistics (such as polymers and composites for cargo compartments)

c) engineering and computerisation of logistics processes

  • tools for optimising and supporting decisions in logistics processes
  • sensors and geo-location, logistics data exchange platforms

d) multi-modal transport for increased regional mobility

e) preparation and professionalisation of human resources for the specialisation area


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