The Wielkopolska Council of Thirty
The Wielkopolska Council of Thirty (WR30) is an opinion-forming and advisory team, operating at the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, which includes representatives of economic self-government organizations operating on the basis of the Act on Chambers of Commerce and the Act on Employers' Organizations and Business Support Institutions. The Council deals with issues related to the innovative development of Wielkopolska, taking into account both strategic assumptions, scientific and research potential, as well as current events that may affect the competitive development of the region.

WR30 is a team of people involved in building an effective network to support entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as in creating new directions of development for Wielkopolska. It is worth noting that the WR30 activity brings together entities representing the interests of Wielkopolska business support institutions from five subregions of Wielkopolska voivodeship, which in turn is conducive to the development of a comprehensive policy of economic development of the region.


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