Electronic Database of Investment Offers

A comprehensive promotion of investment areas and real estate prepared by municipalities is an invitation for investors. We invite you to read the electronic database of investment offers (eBOI). The activity also includes offers of special economic zones operating on the territory of the Wielkopolska Region.

Support for investors in Wielkopolska

The Department of Economy of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region provides free support to investors. Support for the investment process includes:

  • handling of domestic and foreign investment inquiries, including searching for investment areas in the Wielkopolska Region and information sought by investors,
  • care for investors in terms of contacts with the Marshal Office, other institutions and entities indicated by investors, including post-investment care,
  • information for foreign investors on legal and administrative regulations related to running a business in Poland,
  • information on investment incentives and investment support instruments, incl. as part of the EU funds, the Polish Investment Zone, the Polish Trade and Investment Agency,
  • presentation of the values and investment potential of the Wielkopolska Region,
  • economic information about Wielkopolska, including the current economic situation of the region.

Please contact us:

Department of Economy, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region

al. Niepodległości 34, 61-714 Poznań, Poland

tel. +48 61 62 66 240, e-mail: drg.sekretariat@umww.pl


al. Niepodleglosci 34
61-714 Poznan

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