Interiors of the future

the furniture and interior design industry in Wielkopolska has strong manufacturing and production potential, while some of its areas, such as industrial design, develop rapidly. In addition, the region specialises in production of wood, paper and their products as well as in paper processing. The Interiors of the future area covers production of interior design products responding to the needs and challenges faced by contemporary man, within successfully cooperating value chains in the region, i.e. deeply rooted in its potential of production of raw materials, components and semi-finished products, as well as the internationally competitive ones, based on modern and attractive offer. The source of inspiration for interiors of the future might be results of scientific research in the field of, inter alia, psychology, anthropology and sociology, as well as technical sciences, owing to which it is possible to develop products which will meet the requirements of contemporary users. The development of the area should lead to creation and development of global brands originating from Wielkopolska. Within this area, inter alia the following will be developed:

a) Specialist and customised furniture and interior design products

  • High-quality raw materials and components for production of furniture
  • Furniture made from regional raw materials, components and semi-finished products

b) New applications for technologies and materials

  • Energy-efficient technologies
  • Paper and wood processing technologies, including packaging production technologies

c) Industrial design and design-based innovation

d) Recycling and upcycling in production of furniture and interior design products

e) Preparation and professionalisation of human resources for the specialisation area


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