Industry of tomorrow

Wielkopolska has high concentration of machine production and repair industry, including production and repair of vehicles and means of transport, and in particular of the automotive industry. Aviation and rail industry develops there as well. The region has considerable potential in terms of specialised production as well as science and research in the scope of new technologies and materials which can be used in production of machines and devices. The development of that area covers application of advanced production processes and special processes, backed up by implementation of sustainable production. Within this area, inter alia the following will be developed:

a) Specialised technologies, machines, devices and their elements for the agricultural and food, interior design, and transport industries New technologies and materials for machines, devices and means of transport, including nano-technologies as well as nano- and mesoscopic materials.

b) Eco-innovative means of road and air transport as well as public transport vehicles and systems

c) Automated, sustainable and optimised processes of production as well as of control and monitoring Special processes – inter alia: heat and thermomechanical treatment, plating, welding, forming and powder metallurgy Innovative processes in the chemical industry (catalytic, membrane, low-emission and waste-free processes)

d) Recycled and recovered materials

e) Preparation and professionalisation of human resources for the specialisation area


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