ICT-based development

ICT industry in Wielkopolska develops well, showing potential both in terms of production of computers and electronic products, information and communication technologies, and in terms of automated systems for business. The ICT-based development area comprises two fields: technologies for innovative communities and business applications of ICT. The first one is to serve the development of smart environment in private and public spheres. From among technologies for innovative communities, worth mentioning are integrated systems of public services, e.g. smart transport, energy, and lighting systems based on Big Data, data management systems, and embedded systems, as well as activities in the area of Smart City. Business applications of ICT refer, in particular, to specialised IT products and services that support the development of the other specialisations of the region. Within this area, inter alia the following will be developed:

a) ICT applications, services and systems aimed at improving the quality of life

  • integrated systems of public services (e.g. smart transport, energy, lighting, and waste management systems based on Big Data, data management systems; activities in the area of Smart City)
  • applications and devices improving the quality of life of individual citizens, including mobile applications
  • new applications and dedicated ICT products for innovative communities
  • public e-services, including e-administration, e-culture, e-health, and e-education

b) advanced systems for business

  • prototyping of modern solutions with the use of ICT

c) specialist ICT tools and products for specialisation areas of the region

d) IT systems intended for management of complex infrastructure, embedded systems for infrastructure

e) preparation and professionalisation of human resources for the specialisation area


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