Bio-based raw materials and food for informed consumers

Wielkopolska is a strong region both in terms of agricultural production and food processing. The Bio-based raw materials and food for informed consumers covers production of bio-based raw materials and food within the entire value chain – from good-quality raw materials, using modern methods and technologies as well as sales and distribution, and also production waste management. Bio-based raw materials of natural origin are produced from dedicated crops and production waste. Strengthening of the entire value chain should lead to increased creation of value added and keeping it in the region.

Within this area, inter alia the following will be developed:

a) Safe bioproducts and healthy food

  • Production of bioproducts and healthy food as well as of functional food;
  • Food safety;
  • Plants resistant to climate change;

b) Modern food production technologies

  • Bio- and nanotechnology, molecular biology and food chemistry;
  • ICT traceability systems in food production safety, production management, decision support and automation;
  • E-agriculture

c) Innovative methods of sale and distribution of high-quality food

  • Marketing of high-quality food and raw materials;
  • Innovative food production and distribution chains;
  • Food packaging and food design;

d) Organic food production and waste management

  • Organic plant protection materials;
  • Bio-economy, including innovative natural products;
  • Production waste management and upcycling;
  • Fuel and energy management based on agro-biomass;

e) Preparation and professionalisation of human resources for the specialisation area


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